How To Transport A Spinet

A spinet is a fragile and hefty instrument to transport. Some can weigh more or as much as 350 pounds. Their delicate and heavy nature means they can be readily damaged when being transferred. Appropriate care should be taken when transporting a spinet. Read on for 3 suggestions on the best way to transport a spinet.

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Prepare the spinet for the move. This includes making sure to protect the keys by shutting and locking the spinet key lid. Make sure that you double check the lid is actually locked, as this may stop the lid from inadvertently flying open. Next, roll the piano in thick blankets or specialized transferring blankets specially made for this particular function, as a way to stop it being chipped or scraped. Make sure that no sections are loose and hanging down, where they may be caught or snagged on something, or tripped upon and that the blankets are properly secured.

When transporting the spinet, ensure that you’ve got a couple of strong hands who understand the way to properly manage a spinet. For an upright spinet, it’s best in case you own a dolly, as this can get the load of weight off from the transporters. If using a dolly, make sure the dolly glides, and the spinet is tied or locked down onto it. Gradually ease the spinet on the dolly. In case the spinet is being transferred to a different destination by a van, make certain there’s a steady ramp connected to the rear of the van as a way to ease up the dolly and piano into the van. Go steadily and slowly. The process is basically the same when transferring a big Piano, but you have to ensure that all doors you need to transfer the piano through are wide enough for the piano to pass, with several inches to spare incase.

As soon as your spinet has reached its destination, follow the aforementioned steps in reverse sequence. Keep in mind that your spinet will probably have to be re-tuned after it’s been delivered. Thus, be sure to own a spinet tuners number available to call. However, if you ever have doubts on your ability to properly transport the spinet, it’s always recommended you arrange for a specialized piano moving company to transfer the spinet for you. A specialized spinet transport company will have expertise and all the essential gear for carrying your spinet in the perfect manner. The risk of damage from wrong treatment is quite high, so the extra costs for specialized handlers is well worth it in relation to giving you reassurance and protecting your instrument in the best possible way. You might want to take a look at your local directory, or online, for reputable firms which specialize in carrying spinets.

Transferring a spinet from one point to the other can be uncertain as there’s always a fear of causing damage to the instrument. In case you are transferring it without any professional removals help, this fear can really become a reality. So, don’t do it yourself, go get some professional help.


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