Are you looking for a reliable removal company in Haywards Heath?

At Sussex Removals we are very proud to have served the people of Haywards Heath with stress-free removals for 25 years.

Haywards Heath has become a popular location for people wanting to get out of London and make a very manageable commute to the city instead of living directly in London.  Being so close to London (36 miles south of London) and 13 miles south of Gatwick Airport, Haywards Heath  really is perfect for buyers or renters looking to get more for their money and still be able to get to their city jobs with ease.

Since redevelopments of Haywards Heath took place in more recent years through the creation of Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath has seen an influx of people attracted to the new housing and local amenities, including a primary school and leisure centre.

With easy rail access from Haywards Heath to Brighton, the people of Haywards Heath also have the short journey to Brighton as a great weekend entertainment option.

Do you only cater for removals within Haywards Heath?

We not only cater for moves to Haywards from all areas of Sussex and beyond, but also removals within Haywards Heath and moves from Haywards Heath to other areas of the country. So whatever your move, we are on hand to help.

What if my belongings get damaged in the removal process?

Your possessions are valuable, whether that’s monetary or personally, so we take great care to ensure all items are moved from your old residence to your new place. This level of care and attention to detail helps us in being the best removal company in Haywards Heath.

As a Haywards Heath removal company, we’re happy to assist you with any aspect of your move. We can even supply the boxes and the tape!

So call your friendly, reliable and caring removal company in Haywards Heath today, and lets get you going!